My friend Gabriel Schama has launched his Kickstarter officially and it is quite a doozy.  If you love yourself and if you love art you should definitely consider contributing to his campaign because he is an insanely talented artist with work that could beautify your walls.  Check out his website for glimpses at his other work and be sure to visit his Kickstarter as well!

Hello Love by Pennant from Australia

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Decameron Invitation
by Diego Bellorin

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The III Magazine

by Cristina Vila Nadal

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Roger Lara 

Behance |
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The Book | Design Exhibition
by Kolektiv Studio

Snøhetta   |

"Snøhetta developed a new visual identity based on the concept of The Space Between. The focal letter O in the name ROM is surrounded with a distorted R and M, to build an association to space. We wanted the identity design to take up as little space as possible, lifting the subject of any appearance in the gallery or in communication materials. The new visual identity includes logo, signage, stationary, printed posters, invitations and digital design."

Snøhetta Design is a award winning, transdisciplinary brand design agency incorporated within the Snøhetta offices in Oslo and New York. Snøhetta Design clients have projects integrated with Snøhetta Architecture or without any relation to architecture. Our work, regardless of graphic design, interior, landscape or architecture, are projects where we nurture concepts.

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The Arcane

A new identity that encapsulates a blend of artsy beyond formalityReflecting significantly on behaviors and futurism, the visual identity revolves around a scenic interpretation and display of the space of future. A criss crossing between attitudes meets futurism and delicate metaphors. 

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